Kingston UV400 preview – a fast and pocket-friendly SSD

Kingston_Technology_logoKingston is one of the most popular American companies dealing with the production of various types of memory. The market offers all kinds of devices bearing their brand – flash drives, SD cards, components that increase the performance of your laptop or desktop configuration (RAM chips and SSD-s). Of course, there are even more Kingston products to be found on the market such as the HyperX gaming headset lineup.

Anyways, we shall now talk about a product which is rapidly developing and Kingston offers several series of this device – yes, these are the SSD-s of the American company. The prices of Solid-State drives are dropping which is a very good news because they bring fresh changes to desktop and mobile configurations. Today we shall present to you the new Kingston series which stands out with its high speed and good price. Its name is UV400 and in the next couple of paragraphs you can learn the most important things you need to know about it.

If you are interested in the purchase of this device, you can check its price and availability here:

Capacities and speed

SUV400S37120GThis series offers SSDs that are exceptionally different from the rest – again they’re much faster than conventional hard drives, and offer a good variety of models. The UV400 series features four models that vary in size and speed – 120 GB, 240 GB, 480 GB and 960 GB. In this article we shall discuss the first three of them. The 120 GB SSD has a data transfer speed of 550 MB/s – read; and 350 MB/s – write; and comes at a price around 50 €. If we consider that the starting prices of 120 GB SSDs used to be around 75-80 €, we can happily conclude that these devices are growing more and more popular on the market. The manufacturer states that the results from the IOPS tests of this model are 90 000 IOPS when reading, and 15 000 IOPS when writing.

The second model, the 240 GB SSD, offers higher write speed – 490 MB/s. Additionally, the IOPS tests also show better results. Even though the random read speed is again at around 90 000 IOPS, the write speed is almost twice as big – 25 000 IOPS. Also, the third model provides data transfer speed of 550 MB/s when reading, and 35 000 IOPS when writing. All of these models have te same size and interface – 2.5″, SATA III (6GB/s).


Apart from providing 10 times higher speed than that of 7200 rpm hard drives, these devices are a much better choice if you want to be mobile in your daily routine. This is due to the fact that SSDs are manufactured with Flash memories and not hardware platters (as in the case of HDDs) that can be misplaced when seriously shaken and thus gradually lead to the death of the drive. All this means that the UV400 models are more resistant to quakes or vibrations, and that they’re much faster than the fastest conventional hard drives.

If you are interested in the purchase of this device, you can check its price and availability here:

Specs sheet

Capacity120GB, 240GB, 480GB, 960GB
InterfaceSATA 6GB/s (compatible with SATA 3GB/s)
Form factor, dimensions, weight2.5-inch; 100mm х 69.9mm х 7mm; 57 grams
ControllerMarvell 88SS1074
NAND Flash memoryTLC (Triple Level Cell)
Subsequent data transfer read / write performanceRead: up to 550MB/s, Write: up to 500MB/s
Maximum random read / write performance (4KB, QD32)Read: up to 90.000 IOPS Write: up to 50.000 IOPS
Operating temperatureFrom 0 to 70 degrees
Life expectancy (MTBF – Mean Time Before Failure)1 million hours

0.672W idle/ 0.693W average/ 0.59W (MAX) when reading/ 2.515W (MAX) when writing

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