Snapdragon 410 (+Adreno 306) vs Snapdragon 617 (+Adreno 405) – performance, benchmarks and temperatures


One of the main differences between Moto G3 and Moto G4 is about the processors they employ. In Moto G3 we find Snapdragon 410 and in Moto G4 – Snapdragon 617. This why we decided to check the actual difference in performance between the two chips. While the first one is the standard for the mid-range, the latter can be found in higher-end models such as HTC One A9. We shall check both their computing and graphics performance in a number of benchmark tests. After that, we will discuss how they manage temperatures after a continuous workload.

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Specs sheet

QualcommSnapdragon 410
Manufacturing process28 nm
Frequency1.36 GHz
ArchitectureARM Cortex-A53 / 64-bit support
GPUAdreno 306 / 450 MHz

QualcommSnapdragon 617
Manufacturing process28 nm
Frequency1.21 GHz – 1.52 GHz
ArchitectureARM Cortex-A53 / 64-bit support
GPUAdreno 405 / 550 MHz

Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 is one of the most popular mobile CPUs in mid-range smartphones. We can easily say that it offers decent computing and graphics performance, and the latter is taken care of by Adreno 306 GPU. Snapdragon 410 is a 64-bit mobile CPU manufactured through a 28 nm technological process. It offers four Cortex-A53 cores ticking at 1.19 GHz. Additionally, the chip is characterized by the support of Quick Charge 2.0, Bluetooth 4.1, and LTE Cat4 connectivity which allows up to 150 Mbps download and up to 50 Mbps upload speed. Furthermore, this CPU provides not only good performance, but also low power consumption. Almost every smartphone that features a Snapdragon 410 has long battery life. Another positive trait of this chip is that it maintains cool exterior temperatures after continuous workloads (rarely above 40 degrees Celsius).

You can find more information about Snapdragon 410 on Qualcomm’s official website:

On the other hand, we have Snapdragon 617 with its modified version MSM8952 present in Moto G4. It is another mobile CPU by Qualcomm that features eight Cortex-A53 in two groups. There is a small difference, however, in their operating frequencies – the first four are ticking at 1.21 GHz, while the second group – 1.52 GHz. Snapdragon 617, too, is a 64-bit processor manufactured through a 28 nm technological process. It is different in that it supports QuickCharge 3.0, which is up to 38% more efficient than QuickCharge 2.0 (according to Qualcomm). Additionally, it offers four times faster battery charging compared to a standard charging process. Also available is the Qualcomm Safeswitch technology which allows you to remotely deactivate your device in case you lose it or it’s stolen. Furthermore, the chip supports LTE Cat. 7 with download speed of up to 300 Mbps, Wi-Fi 802.11n/ac, LPDDR3 933MHz memory, Bluetooth 4.1, Full HD displays, up to 21MP cameras, as well as 60 fps Full HD video recording. It also boasts Adreno 405 GPU with an operating frequency of 550 MHz.

You can find more information about Snapdragon 617 on Qualcomm’s official website:

Benchmark results

Both mobile chips offer smooth operation, however, we are still quite interested in comparing them. For this purpose we conducted several benchmark tests that examine both computing and graphics performance. You can find the results in the table below.

BenchmarksQualcomm Snapdragon 410Qualcomm Snapdragon 617
Geekbench 3 (Multi-Core)16402700 (+65%)
Vellamo 2 Metal675937 (+39%)
GFXBench 2.7 T-Rex (offscreen)5.317 (+221%)
GFXBench 3 Manhattan (offscreen)1.76.6 (+288%)
3D Mark Ice Unlimited44509853 (+121%)
Pi – 10 mil. (lower is better)47.943 (+46%)32.746

Exterior temperatures

The smartphones with Snapdragon 410 have always done well in our temperature tests. We can say that the Moto G3 tests display an exception. In them we registered temperatures slightly above 40 degrees Celsius, but don’t worry. The case with Moto G4 and its Snapdragon 617 is similar – we measured 44.8 degrees. However, we must remind you that these temperatures measured in the hottest points of these models immediately after a continuous 3D gaming (simulated with the help of the Epic Citadel app).



If you are interested in Moto G4 and Moto G3, you can find more information about specs, price and availability here:
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