[Specs and Info] Dell Inspiron 14 5415 – business notebook with more than enough power

Dell is one of the biggest manufacturers, selling 26% of PCs and laptops in the United States, and 18% of global PC and laptop sales.

This means that they put out a lot of devices, in a lot of different markets. Today we have one of their latest offerings, which is aiming towards the business market, bringing a lot of performance and a modern design.

Today we are giving you a quick overview of the Dell Inspiron 14 5415.

Dell Inspiron 14 5415: Full Specs


The laptop brings a decent-looking exterior, being built from aluminum in some areas. For example, the lid and the base are made out of aluminum, while the rest is plastic. This is great, as the surfaces which you’ll be touching the most are made from a premium material. The lid also has a mechanism that lifts the rear of the laptop, giving the fans on the bottom more room to breathe. In terms of dimensions, the laptop weighs 1.44 kg and has a profile of 17.9mm.



The laptop features a single display option. It has a 14-inch diagonal and comes with a Full HD resolution and an IPS panel. The display has thin bezels, which make it appear modern.

Specifications and features

The specs of the laptop are pretty good, especially for a business device. The Zen 2-based Ryzen 3 5300U, Ryzen 5 5500U, and Ryzen 7 5700U will do a fine job, despite using the older architecture. We have several comparisons of these chips, which show that they are still viable options, performing on the same level as comparable Intel chips.

Even the entry-level Ryzen 3 CPU has four cores and eight threads, while its bigger siblings have six or eight cores, while also supporting SMT (Simultaneous multithreading). The CPUs come with RX Vega integrated graphics, along with Wi-FI 6 and Bluetooth 5 support. In terms of features, the laptop brings a fingerprint reader, a backlit keyboard, and stereo speakers.

All Dell Inspiron 14 5415 configurations:

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