[Specs and Info] MSI CreatorPro X17 (A12Ux) – A Titan for Creators?

MSI has always been great at taking a gaming laptop and repurposing it for professional work and Creator workloads. About two months ago, we covered the MSI Titan GT77, a beastly and heavy rig, with a whole barbecue on the back.

Obviously, it has to get transformed into a Creator laptop, right? Yes, it does, and MSI has done it, as we see in the MSI CreatorPro X17 (A12Ux), bringing the same level of performance, albeit, with professional-grade graphics instead of the GeForce RTX 30-series, that has been dominating the gaming field for two years now.

Today we’re giving you a quick overview of the MSI CreatorPro X17 (A12Ux).

MSI CreatorPro X17 (A12Ux): Full Specs


The laptop shares the same body as the Titan, so we’re hoping for the same “luxurious chassis” that MSI bragged on about in its presentation of the Titan. We also get the extended rear end, but the RGB here is subdued, with only the necessities, such as the keyboard, getting a backlight. Of course, portability comes second, behind the performance, so you’ll have to get used to the weight of 3.30 kg and the 23 mm profile.



The display selection has only one option, with a 4K UHD+ IPS display with a 120Hz refresh rate. The panel fully covers the DCI-P3 gamut, which is the standard for many movie studios and productions. It’s also color accurate out of the box, with a dE value of less than 2. Each display is calibrated on its own, so you can get the best color reproduction that the panel is capable of.

Specifications and features

The laptop is powered by either the Core i7-12800HK or the Core i9-12900HK, two processors with 16 cores and 24 threads. The Core i9 has an extra 5MB of cache, along with a boost speed of 5.00GHz. These are special processors with turbo TDP of 150W, so you really need special cooling in order to deal with the heat that’s going to be generated. We also can’t forget about the graphics, with the RTX A3000 and the RTX A5500 pro-grade GPUs. NVIDIA’s work with ray tracing, AI, and advanced graphics has been of great help to many artists, engineers, scientists, and researchers.

The I/O of the laptop consists of two Thunderbolt 4 ports, three USB Type-A 3.2 (Gen. 2) ports, an HDMI 2.1 port, a Mini DisplayPort, an SD card reader, an RJ-45 port, and a 3.5 mm audio jack.

All MSI CreatorPro X17 (A12Ux) configurations:

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