[Specs, Info, and Prices] The Dell G15 gets a nice refresh with both visual and internal changes

Dell, the company which has been sitting at #3 for a while, is trying ever so vigorously to go even further, offering more and more experimental devices, which implement new technologies. When it comes to gaming, Alienware, which is Dell’s gaming brand, comes to mind. However, the main Dell brand has had its own gaming laptops for a while now, with the G5 devices. We like to put them in the same league with the Legion and Omen brands from Lenovo and HP, respectively, as both of those companies have their own separate gaming brands, but still offer other laptops, suited towards the budget market.

With the G5 getting a refresh for 2021, with both AMD and Intel CPUs being available, as well as RTX graphics from NVIDIA, we had to cover it. In our opinion, budget gaming should be where brands put the most of their focus, as gaming is for everyone and the barrier for entry has to be as low as possible.

Without any more waiting, here is our quick overview of the Dell G5 15.

The Dell G5 15, both AMD and Intel variants will start at US$899.99, with the Intel variant releasing on April 13, while the AMD models will hit the shelves on May 4 (also known as Star Wars day).

Dell G5 15 (5515, AMD): Full Specs

Dell G5 15 (5510, Intel): Full Specs


The design is a pretty far cry from the previous year’s notebook, while still being quite heavy on the gaming theme. The laptops are quite bulky, being 24.9mm tall for the AMD model and 26.9mm for the Intel model. They are also quite heavy weighing more than 2 kg, but as with many gaming laptops, that is to be expected, as with powerful hardware you need adequate cooling. The build materials aren’t specified, but as with many budget gaming notebooks, we would assume that plastic is the predominant material, with a metal lid, if we’re lucky. There is a Dell logo on the center of the lid and below the display, and a red “G” letter on the side (let’s hope it lights up).



The display choices boil down to two IPS panels. Both of them have a Full HD resolution, a maximum brightness of 250 nits, and a size of 15.6-inches. They differ in their refresh rate, with the base model having 120Hz and the other bumps that up to 165Hz. It’s safe to say that both panels will provide a great gaming experience, and maybe some color-sensitive work, such as photo editing (probably for the higher-refresh-rate unit).

Specifications and features

The Intel laptops come with the Comet Lake H-based Core i5-10200H and the Core i7-10870H. While they aren’t as new as the AMD CPUs, they are still excellent for gaming, which is this laptop’s main niche. On the other side, you have the newest Zen 3-based Ryzen 5 5600H and Ryzen 7 5800H. These are heavy hitters in the space, with them not only being great for gaming but also being able to handle heavy video editing and 3D Rendering.

The GPU choice is only one for now, but you won’t need more, as the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 (laptop) is setting itself to be the best mid-range laptop GPU on the market. It has so much performance that it’s just crazy. For 1080p, you would be getting north of 60 fps in high settings without the GPU even sweating. In case there is a shortage in the RTX GPU, Dell has prepared the GTX 1650, which isn’t as powerful, but still can handle 1080p gaming.

In terms of features, there is a backlight keyboard and a special Nahimic 3D audio stereo speaker setup, which when paired with the dual array microphone should provide clear call quality, in case you need to double down and use your gaming laptop as a working laptop as well.

All Dell G15 (AMD) configurations:

All Dell G15 (Intel) configurations:

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