The NVIDIA Quadro M620 has been added to our GPU ranking system

Along with the Intel Core i5-7440HQ processor that we’ve tested on the Precision 15 3520 from Dell, we also had the chance to try out the NVIDIA Quadro M620 – a professional-grade GPU designed to work with CAD, DCC and CGI applications. It currently takes 30th place in our ranking system and it’s the fastest Quadro graphics card we’ve tested so far.

Of course, the GPU’s performance isn’t optimized for gaming or multimedia but according to synthetic benchmarks, its raw performance is comparable to the older GTX 850M, which is somewhat expected as both graphic chips rely on the same Maxwell architecture.

Anyway, you can read more about the Quadro M620 in detail here while the available Quadro M620-powered devices can be found here.

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