3DMark released Time Spy DirectX 12 – expect many tests and comparisons in LaptopMedia (+video)

3DMark-Time-Spy-screenshot-2Today we noticed that there is an update for our benchmark package 3DMark. After we had to wait for some time for the Futuremark app to be updated, we found out that a new test has been included – Time Spy. Just like FireStrike, the new benchmark is not at all light, and you should know that it features DirectX 12.

The only requirement you have to meet in order to launch Time Spy is as regards your OS. It is obligatory for you to use Windows 10 because it’s the only one to support DirectX 12. After we started using Hitman, which also offers DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 tests, we can’t wait to see how various GPUs will perform in TimeSpy. Additionally, the video below gives a good idea of what the benchmark looks like.

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