Acer promises oustanding display performance for professionals with their ColorPlus monitors


Today Acer published a short but very informative short video on their YouTube channel explaining the “magic” behind their ColorPlus monitors. Through various “technologies”, which Acer doesn’t really mention, selected ColorPlus-powered models deliver exceptional image quality backed up by certain standards and measurements.

For starters, Acer is building its case on 7 different selling points including 100% sRGB and Adobe RGB coverage, and deltaE deviation less than 2. These properties are essential for professionals looking for color accuracy and color reproduction so values deltaE values below 2.0 tend to be unnoticed even by professionals. Moreover, Acer’s monitors offer IPS panels with 10-bit color depth making up for smooth color transition and no image bending. You can check out our full Acer Predator XR341CK monitor review, although this one features an 8-bit + FRC making up for a 10-bit color depth along with various other important properties such as 100% sRGB coverage. We hope to see the full 10-bit color channel on the newer ColorPlus monitors, though.

Anyway, the video continues with SuperSharpness, 6-axis color adjustment, and 178 wide viewing angles. While the first two features sound cool because you can enjoy better low-resolution videos on the high-resolution screen and professionals can adjust the color saturation in RGB and CMY modes, the latter seems like a standard for today’s IPS monitors. Practically almost all high-end IPS panels deliver 178-degree viewing angles without color shift.

Of course, all of these features will be put to the test in our lab as soon as we get our hands on some ColorPlus-powered Acer displays.

In the meantime, check out some of the available Acer monitors here:

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