AMD Breakthrough Brings Us One Step Closer to Real-Time Shadows

AMD open sources a fair bit of their developed software technologies, including drivers, APIs, SR technologies, and more. You can check out the whole suite of open-sourced AMD software on their GPUOpen portal, which covers all types of visual effects and rendering findings. Their Rendering Research Group recently came up with a breakthrough, which could introduce Real-Time Shadows in a way that’s easier to implement and less taxing on GPUs, providing mainstream games with improved shadow quality.

You can check out the entire research paper right here. ReSTIR is a technique designed for real-time ray tracing. It’s useful for handling a large number of dynamic lights in a scene. However, current implementations lead to a lot of noise. What AMD’s Research Group has done is find a way to reduce said noise and provide much higher quality ray-traced shadows. Their method estimates the visibility of a selected sample by the weighted average of spatiotemporal sample visibilities.

A more basic explanation is that it takes the pixels and objects neighboring the shadow and how they’ve been lit, to calculate an estimate of a less-noisy shadow. This works really well for stationary objects like the provided samples from the Rendering Research Group.

Previous Method
AMD’s New Method

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