AMD to release a mobile verison of Radeon RX480 – RX480M based on Polaris 11

When AMD announced Radeon RX 480 we were impressed by two characteristic features of the new GPU – its low price and its high performance. The GPU will be available on the market on June 29, and will cost only 199 USD. After the American company announced this great step, there was a significant decrease in the prices of many GPUs, and the competition between AMD and NVIDIA was restored.

This is why the “red” company is planning to make another strategic move that will increase income. Its name is Radeon RX480M and just like the desktop version it will provide high enough performance at a very low price. Even though the name is quite similar, there are a few differences. The mobile version is based on Polaris 11 which means that performance will be lower than that of Polaris 10. The graphics chip will offer 16 computing cores with power consumption of 35 Watts, thus drastically reducing disperesed heat which is crucial for mobile devices. There is a high probability that this means that the chip will be used in 15-inch and smaller gaming laptops.


For the time being we are not sure about the price that OEMs will have to pay for this chip, but considering the price tag of RX480M, we reckon it will be around 150 USD. If this GPU offers good enough performance, many other mobile devices will have to lower their price in order to successfully compete with the new AMD project – we all know that gaming devices are not the cheapest on the market.

You can have a look at the current prices of AMD GPUs here:

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