Apple gets patent for maps with “augmented reality” (AR)

augmented-reality-apple-300x167Lately there have been some rumors that Apple is trying to use augmented and virtual reality in some of their services. These rumors are confirmed with patents the last of which caught our attention.

Today it became clear that Apple acquired new patent for “augmented reality maps”. According to the description, the company is interested in using AR technologies for better navigation. Users will be able to choose the destination and by watching the surroundings through their smartphone’s camera they will be shown the right way. The application will calculate GPS coordinates automatically as well as the device’s orientation and will guide the user in the desired direction.

Unlike any other navigation system where the map is shown from above, here the view will be 3D from your standpoint (similar to Google Street View). Thus it will be easier to be directed where to turn.

Another discussed functionality is the ability to point the camera at an object and the application will give you the exact address.

Prices and specs of all available Apple smartphones can be found here:


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