Apple iPhone 6s is currently #1 in our Gaming Smartphones list, but will that be the case tomorrow?

iphone_6s-vs-galaxyApple’s flagship phone – iPhone 6s (check price), is currently the leader in our top gaming smartphones rankings list. The reason for this are the excellent results it got in the GFXBench 2.7 T-Rex HD (80 fps) and GFXB 3.0 Manhattan (40fps) benchmark tests, which are about 60% higher than those of the second model in the rankings – Sony Xperia Z5 Compact.

Furthermore, the iPhone 6s managed to score 28,356 points in the 3Dmark Ice Storm Unlimited test – a record-breaking result.

However, there’s a little catch here. A chance exists, that starting tomorrow, the iPhone may not reign over the other GPU ranking entries. We’re about to update it by adding a rather interesting offering. If you haven’t figured out what we’re talking about, you haven’t been paying close-enough attention to last few articles we’ve uploaded.

You can browse through our top gaming smartphones list here. Also, don’t forget to check our top CPU performance and top battery life rankings as well.

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