Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE support and faster chipset

The smart watches by the American giant Apple have gained so much popularity that they are now number 1 in the world, overtaking the previous leader Rolex. What’s more, the watch has 97% user approval but it’s high time for a new model.

Well, meet Apple Watch Series 3. You can receive calls even if the smartphone is not with you thanks to the cellular connectivity via an eSIM that shares your number with your iPhone. The display of the device plays the role of an antenna for 4G LTE and 3G.

Additionally, you can listen to music on the go with the Apple Music app. The new W2 chip provides 85% better Wi-Fi performance, while the energy consumption is reduced by half. In addition, the smart watch is equipped with a new dual-core processor which is 70% faster compared to its predecessor.

However, we should mention that the models that feature wireless connectivity will be slightly pricier than those without such.

Anyway, the specs sheet is complemented by a barometer that redords your physical activity throughout the day. Despite all these new features, the Apple Watch Series 3 features the same dimensions as the Series 2. Moreover, the watches will come in two new colors: gold aluminum and black ceramic, while also the band will be brand new.

Pre-orders start on September 15 and sales begin on the September 22. Initially, the new generation smart watches will be available on 9 markets as most of them will opt for the non-cellular model.

Until then you can check all available Apple products over HERE.

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