ASUS N752VX’s cooling system is just as we remembered – excellent

There’s still time for the full review of ASUS N752VX is done so here’s a sneak peek at our stress test readings. We always perform this test because it’s really important for the users to see how hot the notebook becomes on a heavy workload, although it’s not the best representation of a real-life usage. Still, it’s a good way to evaluate the stability and heat management of the cooling system in the long run.

If you are interested in the notebook, you can check its availability here:

So on the image below you will see how the notebook performed after one hour of 100% CPU load. The chip was ticking at 3.1 GHz the whole time, which is the maximum operating frequency with four active cores with Turbo Boost turned on while keeping respectfully low temperatures – around 77 °C.

n752 cpu

After an hour, we turned on the GPU stress test as well and temperatures didn’t go up too much – only around 87 °C for the CPU and keeping steady at 77 °C for the GPU. No signs of thermal throttling whatsoever, but we saw a small decline in the CPU performance – 2.7-2.9 GHz, which is still in the Turbo Boost range.

n752 gpu

Temperatures on the surface remained low as well even in extreme conditions.


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