ASUS readying a Ryzen-powered ROG laptop, comes at Computex

The “Republic of Gamers” brand, or ROG for short, has been the go-to brand for top quality hardware from ASUS. They deal with, usually, whatever you could call “the top of the line”, or what is “cutting edge” technology, they are in short associated with anything high performance.

Following last week’s formal announcement of Ryzen Mobile from AMD, ASUS ROG released a short teaser video titled “Something has Awakened”, featuring an unnamed ROG laptop positioned in the middle of AMD Ryzen’s signature orange logo, and curiously the ROG logo seems to share an indistinctly similar hue. Ryzen Mobile is a new set of APU’s for laptops which feature an integrated Vega graphics core. It is set to debut in the second half of 2017.

Here’s the teaser itself

Now, apart from the obvious in the teaser, the video is captioned with the hashtags #JointheRepublic and #Computex2017, which suggests we’re very likely to hear more details at Taipei next week. For those of you who haven’t heard of that, COMPUTEX Taipei is a computer expo held annually in Taipei, Taiwan. Since the early 2000s, it is among one of the largest computer and technology trade shows in the world. This year it will be held between May 30 and June 3. Perhaps we should be prepared to be surprised?

Some food for thought though is that a Vega APU is likely to cost less than a CPU + dedicated GPU combination but at the same time the Republic of Gamers brand is one to prefer performance. We’re very curious about the performance and specifications of the machine and we dare say perhaps even cautiously optimistic. Ryzen has amazing performance per watt and what’s more, at AMD’s Financial Analyst Day last week, the company estimated that consumer Ryzen Mobile chips will offer up to 50 percent more CPU performance and 40 percent more graphics power than before. All of this begs the question – what do Asus have in store for us?

You can check out the Republic of Gamers products on the market here.

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