Be careful when buying the new Dell XPS 15 with UHD screen as it ships with smaller battery than the manufacturer has listed

dell-xps-15-3Well, from a powerhouse like the new Dell XPS 15 with quad-core, high-voltage Core i7-6700HQ CPU and GeForce GTX 960M GPU paired with 4K UHD screen, we cannot expect great readings on our battery tests. However, according to Dell’s official website, the unit ships with either 56Wh battery or 88Wh battery with the latter being entitled to the Ultra HD version. Apparently, this isn’t always the case.

We suggest you check for prices and availability.

The unit that we reviewed showed sub-par battery performance, but strangely we expected a bit more. And now we found out why. The unit we got was with UHD screen and… 56Wh battery instead of 88Wh as the manufacturer listed. In fact, the same battery is used for the 13-inch version that has ultra-low voltage CPU and much smaller and with lower resolution screen. The 13-inch version did awesome in the battery test but we can’t expect the same battery to power up the XPS 15’s system.

So the point is, be careful when buying the UHD version of this laptop. Apparently some regions ship the notebook with a smaller battery and unfortunately, we don’t know how the 88Wh battery will perform on this thing. Be sure to ask your retailer for the battery capacity before buying, because you are in for lackluster battery life if you don’t go for the 88Wh variant. At the end of the day the new XPS 15 might not be the first choice for long hours of work, but it sure has its perks an you can read all about it in our full review.

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Saravana Pradeesh
Saravana Pradeesh
8 years ago

It depends on the hard disk we choose.If we choose HDD, 56Wh battery. If we choose SSD, we will get 88W battery.

Rossen Pandev
8 years ago

Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to all regions. Most of them, probably.