Dell Alienware 15 R2’s display is practically harmless, since it doesn’t use PWM most of the time

alienware17-frontSome of the results from our tests just came in and turns out that the panel used for the new Alienware 15 R2 is partially harmless. Dell has changed the display from its previous version with GTX 965M GPU, which used a FYTXT_156HL Samsung-made panel and now it’s 4NDDJ_156HL, again manufactured by Samsung.

So what about PWM? Our oscilloscope recorded PWM, or screen flickering as some call it, only at approximately 54 cd/m2. The emitted light can be considered as “aggressive” because of the low frequency – 200 Hz. However, 54 cd/m2 screen brightness is virtually unusable. You have to be in a completely dark room. So don’t worry, everything above 25% brightness is perfectly okay for normal usage as you can see from the graph below.

You can check the pricing of the notebook here:

PWM-940-Alienware 15 R2

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