Dell Vostro 5480’s display has average color gamut for a TN panel

We already praised the Vostro 5480 for its great cooling system and battery performance. The display of the notebook is not as praiseworthy as other parts of the notebook, but it is still pretty decent for the price range of the device. It is a 14” (35.56 cm) TN HD panel with matte finish. The resolution is 1366 x 768 with pixel density of 112 pixels per inch. The screen can be considered “Retina” when viewed from 79 cm, which is more than the normal reading distance.

The panel of Vostro 5480 covers 54% of sRGB and 41% of Adobe RGB color gamut, which is not enough for a picture with saturated colors. Big parts of the red and purple colors are not covered, so they have to be replaced by the closest possible, which leads to the feeling of a pale image.

ColorGamut_Dell Vostro 5480

In our test with 24 commonly used colors, including dark and bright human skin, blue sky, grass green, etc. the accuracy after profiling is good enough – average DeltaE 2000 = 2.04.

Result-Dell Vostro 5480

The display of Vostro 5480 is suitable for business applications, internet browsing, movie watching or playing games, but the low color gamut coverage is not enough for any serious work that requires exact color reproduction.

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