Here’s why most professional gamers prefer Razer’s mechanical keyboards (video)

Once again, Razer proved that they’re products are top-tier in terms of quality as most professional gamers, even official ESports representatives, rely on the American manufacturer for their peripherals. Two years ago, Razer announced that they’re starting to focus more on mechanical keyboards due to the fact that they’re more durable and grant the users more control. However, before we jump to the video, we’d like to talk a bit about the difference between a conventional and a mechanical keyboard.

In conventional keyboards, there are flexible membranes located beneath the keys, which make contact with the board so it responds to the given key press. Mechanical keyboards, on the other hand, have the so-called “key switch”, which detects the keystroke faster and more accurately. In Razer’s new keyboards there are two types of “key switches” – green and orange. Both models are pretty sensitive, but the first one reacts to force greater than 50g while the second one – 45g.

Razer also states that the endurance of their new models is increased to 60 million strokes surpassing their main competitors with Cherry switches – 50 million. Also, the American manufacturer doesn’t quit here as it’s going to work on raising the bar to 80 million.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Razer keyboard, you’ll find all of their models at the following link:

You’ll find more information about the manufacturing process of Razer’s new peripherals, in the video below:

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