Hold My Beer, Intel: AMD’s New CPU Names Are a Decoder Ring Nightmare

You know how Intel ditched the “I” in their CPUs and replaced it with “Ultra”, along with reducing the overall digit count? For example, what previously was the Core i7-1370P is now the Core Ultra 7 155H, and so on. AMD’s naming scheme is currently configuring enough, in regards to what architecture exactly you’re getting, but they decided to go one step further than Intel – include “AI” in the names.

We came across this new naming scheme while looking at the specs of the Vivobook S16 OLED on ASUS’ website. Take a look for yourself and see what’s going on.

Can you decode anything? It seems to be a powerful CPU, a Ryzen AI 9. The HX also suggests a bigger power limit, 45W and probably more, which will be interesting to see inside a Vivobook. There also seem to be 12 cores and 24 threads inside this thing, suggesting AMD is keen on playing with core and thread layouts more and more. Most AMD laptop CPUs are still offered with the classic 8/16 and 16/32 layout when it comes to cores and threads.

The AI part suggests an NPU inside, which if, powerful enough, could do some local machine learning and AI assistance, without having to ping to a server, thus being quicker and giving some semblance of liberty and control over your prompts and what the AI helps you with.

You can check the current AMD CPU selection and how they fare against the competition in our Top Laptop CPU Ranking (AMD CPUs have currently occupied the Top 3).

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16 days ago

The 14th gen Intel processors were released later than Core Ultra. They also serve completely different laptop segments (Core Ultra is servicing thin and lights and productivity laptops, but 14th gen HX is for monsters). I’m sure that there will be Core Ultra HX processors but they don’t exist yet. Just saying.
Also, AMD already has a 12 core laptop processor: the Ryzen 9 7845HX.