How durable is the 2550 mAh battery of Honor 4C?

batHonor 4C is one of the smartphones we’re currently testing, and the results will be posted in its upcoming review. For now we’d like to share with you our first impressions of its 2550 mAh battery. It is tasked with providing enough power for a 5-inch HD screen and an octa-core (Cortex-A53) processor. Thus far we’ve done our web surfing and 3d gaming tests.

In the Wi-Fi web surfing tests the device managed to last for 682 minutes (11 hours and 22 minutes), which is a rather prestigious achievement. The result in the 3G test was surprisingly lower – 419 minutes (6 hours and 59 minutes), which is not that impressive – rather average for this test. The same goes for the 3D gaming test, where the battery provided 236 minutes of operation (3 hours and 56 minutes).

The rest of the results will be included in the detailed review.

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