How hot is the Samsung Galaxy S6 after 5 minutes of 4К video recording?

We are almost ready with the Samsung Galaxy S6 review, where you will find information about the phone as well as many interesting tests. But before that, we want to show you how one of the most intensive uses for the phone (4K video recording) affects the temperatures, which we measured on the back immediately after we shot the video. Is there a problem with overheating? No, there isn’t.

We recorded 4K video for 5 minutes, as we usually do, since a lot of phones have a 5-minute limit (including the S6). The temperatures we measured were low. As you can see in the image below, the max measured temperature is in the camera area – 40.0°C. It’s not too hot. For example, in the same test and the same spot, but with Nexus 6, we measured almost 44°C. But back to Galaxy S6. In the middle, the temperature was 33.9°C, while on the bottom we measured 31.6°C, so the sensation of holding the device in your hand will remain pleasant even after such intense loads.

You can find more information about our temperature tests in the upcoming Galaxy S6 review.


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