How the ASUS ROG G771 looks on the inside? Like a rebranded N751

g771We were quite pleased with the cooling system introduced in the ASUS N751. Not only that, but also with the noise of the cooling fan. So, before we publish our review on the ASUS ROG G771, we would like to show you the internals and the fist thing you will notice is the shocking resemblance to the N751.

We already said that the N751 handles high temperatures pretty well, but what about the G771? Since both notebooks share almost the same cooling system, the same cannot be said about the hardware. The G771 offers the more powerful GTX 860M while the N751 is packing the GTX 850M, so the question is, how will the same cooling fan and heat pipes handle the extra power. Also, we can easily see that the GPU on the G771 has an additional metal plate for dispersing heat. However, this matter will be addressed more deeply in our upcoming review of the model.



While both laptops share their weak spots, they also carry their strong ones. On the bottom left and right corner can be found the same SATA III and m.2 SATA slots for additional storage and easily accessible battery and RAM.

What is your opinion on this subject? Is the ROG G771 just a rebranded N751 or ASUS just found a good way to cool things up. If it’s good why change it, right?

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9 years ago

Thank you!

8 years ago

How about instructions on how to take it apart?

Adrian Vindas Umaña
8 years ago

How about instructions on how to take the bottom cover off? I need to dust mine and don’t feel like waiting for a shop to do it.