How to be among the first to experience the new Windows 10 Redstone update?

Yesterday we shared with you that Microsoft is going to perfect its OS with an update that is expected to arrive most likely in July, this year. After we learned that Windows 10 received a small update yesterday which solves several detected problems, today we bring good news to the other part of Microsoft consumers, who enjoy testing their products before the official release.


Gabrial Aul from Microsoft shared on Twitter that “this week looks pretty good”, perhaps suggesting that in the few days to come we can expect part of Redstone (the Windows 10 update to be released this summer) to be available for those of you who participate in the Windows Insider program in which you test “beta” versions of the update and inform the American company for any encountered problems so that they can improve their products.

Naturally, this early access to such types of software updates allows you to test various applications, if you deal with application development. This move on the part of Microsoft was expected, considering the time that is left before the official release of the update.

If you want to learn more about the program or join the team which improves the Microsoft OS, you can visit their official website.

If you are interested in buying Microsoft’s OS, you can visit this link:


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