Intel announces that its integrated HD Graphics will support Vulkan API

Ever since it’s launch back in 2015 the new Vulkan API is gaining more and more popularity every single day. This API is the current alternative to the DirectX which has an almost 20 years history. It is developed by Khronos Group which claims that it has some advantages over DirectX. It is less resource-intensive than its competitor. Some users claim that the Vulkan API is not only smoother but also has better VR support.

The big news today is that Intel announces that it’s integrated HD Graphics will support Vulkan API from now on. The exact release date of the update in not yet known. The additional support of the Vulkan API is a good move from Intel as of today only NVIDIA and AMD support it but there are hundreds maybe thousands of models of notebooks that rely on an integrated graphics card. This way Vulkan can reach everybody and provide smoother gameplay even to the low-end devices. The developers should thank Intel for expanding their business like this.

The Vulkan API will be supported on Windows 10 on every chip from Apollo Lake to the newest Kaby Lake models.

Meanwhile, you can check all available Intel products here:

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