Intel confirms Cannonlake is on track – second gen 10nm products in the works

Intel reconfirmed that their next generation of processors is on track. Cannonlake should get released by the end of the year but that doesn’t seem likely. Some rumors say that before Cannonlake Intel will release another 14nm process refinement with the codename Coffee Lake.

In a Twitter post by Intel, the company says that Cannonlake is on track. They call in another milestone for 10nm. Also, we get information that the silicon giant has taped in its first Ice Lake designs which will be the second generation of 10nm processors after Cannonlake.

However, roadmaps are all over the place and no one can say for sure when will we see 10nm chips on desktops. We should expect the release of a minor upgrade over Kaby Lake maybe Coffee Lake until the end of this year or early-mid 2018.

Maybe when Intel finishes the construction of its Fab 42 factory we will finally see 10nm chips.

Meanwhile, you can check out all currently available Intel products over here:

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