Lenovo proves that LCD panels are not yet obsolete and the new Vibe Shot smartphone is here to verify it

Lenovo VS face3We always give credit to the vendors which perfect the displays on their devices and it’s the logical thing to do, especially with smartphones. We are looking at the screen all the time and sometimes get frustrated by the lack of brightness when using it outdoors. For quite some time now manufacturers like Samsung go along with the improved OLED technology in the making of their handsets and this technology differs from the conventional LCD one because it has better color reproduction, high contrast, high color gamut coverage, and most of the times, higher maximum brightness.

However, Lenovo proves that LCD screens are still not obsolete as the technology still offers a long road of improvement. Their latests Vibe Shot smartphone emphasizes mostly on the camera, design and battery life, but the thing we liked the most was the screen. Yes, the LCD panel passed our tests with flying colors and left nothing to complain about. The screen is able to reproduce 100% of the sRGB color gamut and 94% of the Adobe RGB. Moreover, the contrast is 1600:1 and the maximum brightness is 644 cd/m2 which will provide excellent image quality even under direct sunlight. These results are comparable to the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 which always try to deliver one of the best visual experiences on the market. Nonetheless, the Galaxy S6 failed to pass our PWM test (screen flickering) while the Vibe Shot’s panel will prove user-friendly to your eyes and will not cause any eye strain.


Wait for our full review of the model as we have tons of other interesting tests in stored for you.

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