LG’s direct competitor to the MacBook Air, the LG Gram, is hitting the US

LG is a big manufacturer often linked to normal household appliances, TVs, smartphones, displays, batteries etc., but you will rarely see a notebook on the market. However, the OEM seems to be confident that it can offer a truly worthy Windows 10 alternative to the MacBook Air.

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As you might have already picked up from the name Gram, the ultrabook’s key selling point is its lightweight chassis made of carbon magnesium and lithium magnesium alloys weighing a little under 1 kg, 979 grams to be precise. That’s a tad lighter than the MacBook Air 11. Spec-wise, the notebook doesn’t offer anything too special especially if you consider the relatively high price. We say high because normally Windows notebooks are a bit more affordable than the MacBooks, yet LG’s alternative is still slightly cheaper. For the 13-inch version, prices start at $899 with Core i5 CPU, 128GB SSD storage and 8GB of RAM. There are also two 14-inch variants with the first being identical to the 13-inch model while the premium model sports Core i7 CPU, 256GB SSD and again 8GB of RAM, starting at $1399. It’s important to note that the relatively lower price of the notebook actually reflects on the hardware as LG uses Broadwell CPUs for instead of Skylake.

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As for the screen, the notebook features 1080p IPS display (while the MacBook uses lower resolution TN panels). Unfortunately, the keyboard lacks LED backlight and the configuration misses the SD card reader, but still has HDMI and microSD slot.

You can check the pricing and availability here: http://amzn.to/1L1YW74

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