MediaTek are announcing new 8-core chips on August 29

The Chinese company MediaTek, well-known for its mobile chips, is said to announce two new Helio SoCs on August 29 in Beijing. This event is expected to be targeted towards the middle of the market and slightly above the mid-range Chinese market.

The two new chips are Helio P23 and P30 and rumor has it that they will be manufactured through 16nm and 12nm respectively. Also, the P30 is expected to have four A73 cores and four A53 cores while there will be eight A53 in P23. Both processors boast LTE, however, the P23 is said to have Cat.7 LTE while the P30 should have Cat 10 allowing for download speeds of up to 600 Mbps.

MediaTek chips are well-established on the Chinese market and it’s expected that these will find their way into many mainstream smartphones next year.

Meanwhile, you can check all available MediaTek products here.


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