Meizu m3 note and its 4100mAh battery were successful in our first durability tests

meizu-m3-noteWe are still working on our Meizu m3 note review and examining its merits one of which undoubtedly is its 4100mAh battery. Yes, we have some further checks to do but some tests are ready and their results are promising enough. We are mostly impressed by the phone’s achievement in the Wi-Fi Web browsing test where the battery held up for 838 minutes (13 hours and 58 minutes). As far as 3D gaming is concerned – the phone performs really well – 312 minutes (5 hours and 12 minutes). We also managed to do a phone call test in which m3 note remained on for 1095 minutes (18 hours and 15 minutes).

More information about the remaining test results and the phone’s battery, as well as its energy saving modes, you will find in the upcoming detailed review. In case you want to learn more about Meizu m3 note’s current price and availability, you can use this link:

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