Meizu m3 note with Helio P10 keep a cool surface after workload

Meizu m3 note is one of the models that we will present a more in-depth examination of. We’ve already spoken about its 4100 mAh battery which did more than well in the initial tests we put it to. However, we would now like to take a look at its mobile CPU and, to be more precise, at how it handles heating when engaged for longer periods of time.

This smartphone features the octa-core MediaTek Helio P10 whose operating frequency can reach up to 2GHz. It is also accompanied by a Mali-T869MP2 GPU. As far as the test we put it to is concerned, it’s several hours of 3D gaming. It turned out that this is not a problem for Meizu m3 note because it maximum external temperatures were in the realm of the reasonable, as you can tell from the photo below.

You can soon expect our detailed review of this model in which we shall share more test results. If you happen to show interest in Meizu m3 note, you can check its full specs sheet, price and availability here:


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