Microsoft is still profitable after the last quarter for 2016 despite the bad expectations

Microsoft announced that it has amassed revenues over the last quarter of 2016 despite the predicted losses. The company’s income for this period is $26.1 billion and the profit of them is $6.5 billion – shareholders receive 83 cents per share.

Analysts found reasons for the unfavorable predictions in the purchase of the LinkedIn social network and unsatisfactory Windows 10 sales in the beginning of the quarter. Contrary to what was expected though, the OS sales stabilized and despite the LinkedIn losses of $100 million, Microsoft is again profitable.

Another factor facilitating the company’s financial stability are business sales. As we know, Microsoft Office comes at a price which is not very low. Microsoft claims that they get $7.4 billion income from the Office package.

However, the greatest disappointment is to be found in the smartphone sector. Microsoft continued the trend and registered an 81% decrease in sales which may very well speed up the planned company’s withdrawal from this segment.

Right now the giant is trying to attract gamers. Apart from owning Xbox, Microsoft wants to be appealing with the new Windows 10 mode – Game Mode, we acquainted you a couple of days ago. If the software behemoth succeeds, it will acquire dominance which is hard to achieve by other developers of operating systems and business software.

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