More StreamVR headsets are coming this year

VR technologies became a thing in the last few years but they are still not a part of our daily lives. Most headsets are too expensive or require other expensive tech that most users can’t afford or don’t want to spend that much money on. However, this year could be a big leap for VR and we have good news for you VR enthusiasts out there.

It appears that the HTC Vive won’t be the only SteamVR headset for long. Since its launch in April, we haven’t seen any new headsets to use the SteamVR tracking technology but this is about to change. In a Reddit post, Joe Ludwig from Valve said:

500 companies have signed up to use Lighthouse and some of them are making HMDs. A few of them have talked about that, but a bunch more will announce when they’re ready.

He added that these headsets (including the HTC Vive) don’t actually require Steam to use them but you still have to download and install it to get the needed drivers.

And lastly, Ludwig said that Valve is putting togheter a new production line for manufacturing the base stations of the headsets. This automation could lead to a price cut of the HTC Vive and lower initial prices of the upcoming devices.

Meanwhile, you can check some VR headsets here:

or some gaming PCs here:

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