NVIDIA’s new drivers GeForce 368.81 WHQL – the focus is on Ansel and VR

nvidia-vr-funhouse-key-visualNVIDIA released its new Game Ready drivers called GeForce 368.81 WHQL. Those of you who follow the appearance of new games may be wondering the release of which game has made the American company come out with a new software package. Well, the title is NVIDIA VR Funhouse and as the name suggests it targets those users who have VR headsets. At the announcement of its new Pascal architecture, NVIDIA shared that it was working on the VRWorks Audio technology which aims to provide a realistic VR experience. The first game that features this new NVIDIA technology is VR Funhouse and you can download it from the Steam platform free of charge.

Additionally, there is another game that allows us to use another new technology called Ansel. It, too, was announced on May 6th, and it can be enjoyed by both PC gamers and VR fanboys. Normally, when we take a screenshot, an image comes from a 3D scene, but we see it in 2D. NVIDIA has taken this into account and Ansel not only brings a camera that can be placed anywhere in a game, but it also allows us to take 360-degree shots which can be viewed with the help of a VR headset. The name of the game that supports Ansel is Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. For more information as regards other updates, and on how to install GeForce 368.81 WHQL, you can visit NVIDIA’s official website.

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