Our notebook M.2 SSD compatibility list continues expanding with 40 more models

01_w_600Some of you may have already checked our M.2 SSD compatibility list but we somehow feel obligated to bring you another report on the matter as we added 40 more new models to the listing. It seems that there is scarce information on the web regarding the new M.2 SSD standard and which notebooks support it and a lot of users searching for the right type of stick to insert in their machine. Well, your search might be over…

We just added more 40 new laptops to the list including tons of new models from MSI, Clevo and its sub-brands, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, Dell and even Gigabyte. We hope you can find your notebook in the list but if not, we would be extremely grateful if you contribute to the project. Oh, and don’t forget to snatch a stick from here, if you are planning on upgrading, of course, and help us expand.

You can also check our notebooks with G-Sync list we’ve compiled here.

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