Quick look at the LG Spirit software capabilities

One of our upcoming reviews is dedicated to LG Spirit – another superb mid-range phone which has some great features. We are still testing its capabilities, but we can’t currently find any weaknesses. The phone offers good performance with Snapdragon 410, a relatively durable battery which performed well in our tests, great design with a slightly curved display, and a camera which can take quality photos for this device class. We’ll talk about all of these components in our upcoming review, but now, we want to pay attention to the software – a combination of Android 5.0 Lollipop and LG’s multifunction user interface.


Very soon, we’ll give you detailed information with more images for all software capabilities, but for now, take a look at part of these features. LG Spirit comes with a very pleasant and useful Settings menu. You will find some interesting functionality available through gestures. For example, pausing a video without touching the screen. Also, there is a menu with some features for easier operation with one hand. You can find KnockON and Knock Code, which are at this point typical for LG devices. The Volume buttons, which are placed on the back, have an additional purpose – they can be used for a shortcut to the QuickMemo+ or Camera app.


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