Samsung announced a new 32TB SSD with a 4th generation V-NAND technology

32tb-sas-ssd_2-100676290-largeIt was in Santa Clara, California, that Samsung announced its latest SSD, which can be expected to appear on the market next year. The model does not have any particular name for now but there is no chance of mistaking it for another model, as this is the first 32TB Samsung SSD. Even though we shared with you that the South Korean company released a 4TB version of the familiar 850 EVO model a month ago, Samsung continues with its hard work on developing this kind of devices, and their engineers seem to harbor hopes of achieving a 100TB model by the end of 2020.

Despite the relatively large free storage space on a 32TB SSD, it keeps its standard 2.5-inch form factor. There is a change in this model’s technology though – 4th gen V-NAND. This means that the SSDs will feature a vertical NAND memory that will hold 64 layers (Western Digital is expected to release such models, too) and not 48, which was the case with the older 3rd generation. According to the manufacturer, all this will lead to faster read/write speeds – no tests have been conducted yet but we can expect some very soon.

You can browse through all currently available Samsung SSDs here:

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