Samsung Galaxy J5 barely heats after heavy continuous usage

Samsung Galaxy J5 is one of the models, which we are currently testing and you can expect the in-depth review in the next couple of days. One of the tests, which we put all mobile devices through, concern the temperatures on the sruface. To be more precise, we record the temperatures on the device’s surface after we’ve put the SoC through continuous heavy load. In this case – after a couple of hours of 3D gaming simulated with the Epic Citadel app. Knowing that under the hood of Galaxy J5 we have a Snapdragon 410 SoC, we expected the device not to overheat and be rather cool to touch.

Our expectations were met. The highest temperature we measured was 37.2 degrees in the area of the rear camera of the device. At the center of the back, we got 35.2 degrees and at the bottom – only 33.6 degrees. If you’ve had any concerns about the chassis reaching high temperatures, you rest assured that this won’t happen even after prolonged usage.

If you are interested in Galaxy J5’s current price, you can check it here:


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Nenit Yulip
7 years ago

…my samsung galaxy J5 becomes hot even i am not using it….i’ve just purchased 4 months ago…i’m having a problem with this…what would i do…

wadhah mahroug
7 years ago
Reply to  Nenit Yulip

my j5 is like a little oven even after i reset it did u fix yours ?