Samsung’s C-Lab to focus on virtual and augmented reality solutions

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is just around the corner as it starts next Monday (February 27th). There we will see numerous new devices and projects that the manufacturers couldn’t showcase at CES back in January. Today we want to focus on what are Samsung’s C-Lab’s plan. C-Lab is going to present us with four new interesting projects. They are all connected with the integration of virtual and augmented reality in our daily lives so we think that this is what the company is going to focus on in the following years.

You can check out some VR headsets here:

Let’s start out with Relúmĭno. This project utilizes Samsung’s cheap Gear VR headset to provide smart visual aid for the visually impaired. It will help those people with reading and watching TV via an app that enhances text and visuals.

Up next is VuildUs which is a VR solution that creates a virtual model of your house where you can place different furniture to see how it would look like and how much space will it consume before you consider buying.

The third project is called traVRer which is a 360-degree video platform designed  for virtual travelers that will provide you with the experience as if you have travelled to the world’s most famous tourist destinations.

And finally, there is the project carrying the name Monitorless. You use a pair of glasses that connect to your computer or smartphone and as the name suggests they allow you to vie the content on the screen without looking directly at it. They also add VR and AR functionality to further improve your experience.

All of these project will be showcased at MWC next week where we will find out more.

Until then you can check some VR headsets over here:


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