Steam broke its own record – almost 13 and a half million users active at the same time

steamDesktop computers, laptops, tablets or in other words the virtual world as a whole becomes part of our daily lives. The mobility is everywhere around us and we just don’t know what we’d do without it. Well, it seems that Steam has something to say on the matter.

The most used gaming platform detected over 13 millions of users active simultaneously. After the 10 million users milestone was broken a couple of months ago, there were 13 480 916 people online on the first of November, which is an absolute record so far. The interesting thing is that at the moment League of Legends isn’t on the top 5 most played games list.

Dota 2, CS:GO and Team Fortress 2 take the top three spots, while the rest of the games are the ones who got most votes on the Golden Joystick Awards – GTA V for best online and most innovative game as well as ARK: Survival Evolved – the game in which you must survive among dinosaurs. By the end of November, we’re expecting the record to be broken again due to the upcoming Steam autumn sale. So were you a part of the almost 14 million players who attacked the virtual world?

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