The 2600mAh battery inside Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) proved more durable than expected

ZDNBGLssSamsung Galaxy J3 (2016) features a 2600mAh battery which, in theory, is an average capacity. More important here is the battery life it will offer. We are still testing it, but some results are already available and they are quite decent.

For instance, in our video playback test the Galaxy J3 held up for 724 minutes, or, in other words, entire 12 hours of video playback. Moving on, our Wi-Fi browsing test registered a prestigious result – 660 minutes (exactly 11 hours). However, we were mostly impressed by its performance in our toughest test – the Gaming test. We got 279 minutes (6 hours and 19 minutes) out of a single charge. There are a few other durability tests which will be included in the upcoming review of the model.

We can also mention the Samsung Ultra Power Saving mode that can further increase battery life (if need be) by limiting of a lot of the functions of the Galaxy J3.

You can find current information about the price and available colors of this device in the following link:

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