The display of the budget Samsung Galaxy J1 won’t hurt your eyes, doesn’t use PWM

Samsung-Galaxy-J1-display-onGalaxy J1 is one of the cheapest Samsung devices ever, so the eventual compromises won’t come as an suprirse. The display is one of the components which are of key importance to the final price, so it’s pretty interesting to see if Samsung has managed to provide the expected quality in spite of the low price.

You will be able to find a lot more display tests in our upcoming in-depth review, but at this point we can reveal a nice little surprise – the screen doesn’t use pusle-width modulation, regardless of the brightness level. In other words, even after continuous staring at the screen (watching movies, playing games, etc), chances are you won’t experience eye fatigue (you can learn more about PWM here).

You can check the current price of Samsung Galaxy J1 here:

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