uBeam demonstrates its truly wireless charging technology

When we hear the term “wireless charging” for mobile devices the first thing to come to mind is something like the Galaxy S6′ charging pad. Wireless charging is wireless to the point that there is no wire indeed, at least no wire from the smartphone directly. Wireless charging is associated with some sort of a docking station or a pad which you lay your phone on. This charging station is plugged into the power grid of your home and works only if the phone is positioned on it. So while there is no cable sticking out of your phone it isn’t as wireless as it sounds.

This is where the engineers from the US company uBeam come in place. Their vision is to create a truly wireless charging using a technology working via ultrasound. And it was at Upfront Summit 2017 where uBeam CEO Meredith Perry demonstrated their prototype. The event was planned to be off the record but this can’t happen when there are people with smartphones and cameras in the room. Zillow Group CEO Spencer Rascoff was one on those who captured the demonstration and shared it on Twitter.

In the video we see Meredith Perry holding a smartphone (looks like an Android one) which starts charging when held near a bulky device. The technology looks promising and we would be thrilled to see such devices to hit the market in the following years.

Meanwhile, you can check some of the currently available wireless charging pads here: http://amzn.to/2l8qzlF

Here is the footage:


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