Ultrabudget Apollo Lake-powered devices will come with eMMC + HDD storage configurations

RTC05-TCTW-HCC-Fig1_largeAfter knowing that the new Apollo Lake processors will expand their support for better RAM, connectivity options, and storage solutions, our source came out with a new piece of information regarding the updated eMMC support. We are talking about eMMC + HDD configurations that will bring the overall cost of the notebook to a new low.

As most of you know, the eMMC or the embedded-MultiMediaCard is a much cheaper variant than modern SSDs. Both standards are distant relatives but the SSDs are more sophisticated whereas the eMMC doesn’t implement all the features an SSD has and thus, cannot match the read/write speeds. eMMC is usually found in cheap tablets, Chromebooks, and even Android and Windows-powered 2-in-1 devices. It’s like having an integrated SD card or another type of flash storage into the motherboard making it cheap and still fast enough to support a full OS.

So it’s only logical that the new Apollo Lake-powered notebooks will come with hybrid storage solutions like this one. Why may you ask? Well, if you paid more attention to the previous leak, the support for eMMC has gone up from version 4.51 on the Braswell generation to eMMC 5.0 on the new Apollo Lake. We are eager to see how this new approach will turn out and it will probably be sooner than expected. An Apollo Lake engineering sample is on its way to our office so stay tuned.

You can find some of the available current Braswell configurations here: http://amzn.to/29Wv8cR

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