Watch the live announcement of Google Pixel and Pixel XL, today at 9.00 am PT

gsmarena_001We doubt that there’s anyone who monitors the technological world development and has not heard of the upcoming Google smartphones. They are Pixel and Pixel XL, and throughout the last month we witnessed a number of accidental (or not) leaks on the Web. Apart from establishing a new smartphone series, they will probably put an end to the Nexus lineup. Actually, there are just a few more hours until we find out because Google’s official event is scheduled for today, at 9 a.m. PT.

Anyone who is impatient to see the new models can watch the live stream below. You will find a countdown timer to help you calculate the time left. You could also browse the web for some of the leaks and later compare them to the actual phones.

You can also have a look at all current Google Nexus solutions here:


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