We will most likely see a 6-core Ryzen CPU

Yesterday we got sort of an official release date for the Ryzen CPU. AMD’s own CEO Lisa Su said that we should expect a launch sometime in early March. Other information points that there could be more than one Ryzen processors. The high-end Ryzen CPU will have eight physical cores and 16 threads but some sources claim that there could be a quad and hexacore versions too. Now there is some sort of a verification of this information.

The Finish website IO-Tech has confirmed through its sources that it is possible to split an octa-core chip into a four or six core configuration.

We have confirmed from our sources that AMD’s upcoming Ryzen processor can be technically configured as 6-core model. It is possible to disable each CPU core separately together with dedicated L2 cache from CCX without affecting shared L3 cache. Possible L3 cache configurations are 1/1 (8 MB), 1/2 (4 MB) or completely disabled. Basic rule is that both CCXs should have similar CPU core and L3 configuration for example both should have 3 cores and full 8 MB L3 cache enabled (6C & 16 MB L3).

Other information comes from VideoCardz‘ sources. They give us information about three engineering samples that are being tested.

 Engineering Sample Detected Clock Speed Cores Logical Cores
 AMD Ryzen: ZD3301BBM6IF4_37/33_Y 3 293 MHz 6 12
 AMD Ryzen: ZD3406BAM88F4_38/34_Y 3 393 MHz 8 16
 AMD Ryzen: ZD3601BAM88F4_40/36_Y 3 640 MHz 8 16

This information pretty much confirms the existence of a 6-core Ryzen CPU but doesn’t give us any leads if there will be a quad-core. Also, we can’t say if the other versions will launch together with the octa-core model.

Meanwhile, you can check out all AMD products HERE.

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