Will Apple change our understanding of wireless charging with the next iPhone?

wattappContemporary wireless charging does not seem to be what users want it to be. To place your phone on a pad connected to the socket may be somewhat comfortable but is definitely not that close to the concept of proper wireless charging.

Energous is one of the companies that deals with the development of wireless charging, and it seems that they are one of the best in this sphere, as there seems to have been some talks of partnership with Apple. Their so called WattUp technology allows charging even if your device is 6 meters away from the charger.

However, the new iPhone 7 models use the standard way of charging. We suspect that the desired technology has not yet been developed to the level Apple wants, and perhaps it will be part of the key features of future iPhones.

Additionally, the idea is about focused energy ensured by a network of transmitters in your entire home. However, it’s not restricted only to home usage. If it’s possible there then it will be possible at cafes, hotels, offices, etc. In this way once you get back home, your phone will start charging. Although this may sound a bit odd for now, this may become a must-have feature of smartphones some day.

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