Video review: GSmart Guru GX – high-class looking headset that won’t have you empty your pockets

If you haven’t heard of GSmart yet, this is the Gigabyte smartphone division, which is most known for its budget and low-class phones. Guru GX isn’t one of them, or at least it will try not to be. Features like 4G LTE, Full HD IPS screen, 2GB RAM and the 13MP/5MP cameras give it the potential of being an upper mid-range phone, and the good price of around 250 EUR could be crucial for lots of users. All of that combined with its high-class appearance makes us think that the release of this model is going to be an auspicious moment in GSmart’s history.

It will be interesting to see if the company manages to impress users. Its budget offering, GSmart Guru GX’s predecessor, GSmart Guru, didn’t achieve great success, but the new model has all the prerequisites to do so. We’re definitely going to subject the phone to our detailed tests, but for now, you can watch our quick video review.

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