[Comparison] Dell Latitude 13 3320 vs Latitude 13 3310 – what are the differences?

With the release of the Dell Latitude 13 3320, which you can read all about here, its predecessor, the Latitude 13 3310, will go down in price significantly.

Now, the question arises, should you go for the new one, which will be more expensive, since it is a brand new product, or go with the older device. Well, today we are answering exactly that by comparing the two laptops in terms of design, display options, and specifications.

Full Specs: Latitude 13 3320 / Latitude 13 3310

The design of the new laptop is much improved. The older laptop relied mostly on plastic, and while the case might be the same on the new device, the overall look is much cleaner and more modern. The older device has thicker bezels. along with being thicker themselves. In fact, the new device is around 400 grams lighter and nearly 0.5 cm thinner, which is a big difference.

The display selection has been changed, with the new laptop omitting the 768p TN panel, which is a wise decision in our opinion. It offers a single 13.3-inch Full HD IPS panel, which was also present on the older laptop. Now, while the specs of the display are the same, it might be an entirely different display altogether, so you should wait for our detailed review.

Lastly, the specs are much improved. The older 8th Gen Whiskey Lake CPUs are now too old and are justifiably getting replaced by the Tiger Lake G-series of processors. The outdated Intel UHD Graphics get the boot as well, with the new laptop using the Irix Xe Graphics G4 or G7, depending on your CPU choice. The new laptop is overall better, with a new design, and new and improved specs.

All Dell Latitude 13 3320 configurations:

All Dell Latitude 13 3310 configurations:

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