[Comparison] Intel Core i7-12700H vs Core i7-11800H – Alder Lake is looking very good

The time has come and we finally have managed to get an Alder Lake H-series chip for a test and review. If you want to check out our first review of a device with it, the Acer Predator Triton 500 SE is there for you and you can read all about it here.

To sum it up a bit, monstrous CPU and GPU performance and a fantastic display for Creator use. To go back to our main point, today we have the Core i7-12700H and we are placing it against its predecessor, the Core i7-11800H.

With a large advantage when it comes to the core and thread count, let’s see what the Efficiency cores are up to and if they pack enough of a punch to upset the reliable Tiger Lake H-series.

Today we are comparing the Intel Core i7-12700H against the Core i7-11800H.

You can find more information about both CPUs here: Intel Core i7-12700H / Core i7-11800H

Specs table

Intel Core i7-12700HIntel Core i7-11800H
ArchitectureAlder Lake HTiger Lake H45
Cores / Threads14/208/16
Clock Speeds – Base/Boost2.30 – 4.70GHz2.30 – 4.60GHz
Memory type
DDR4-3200MHz, LPDDR4x-4267MHz
Integrated GPUIntel Iris Xe Graphics G7 (96EU)Intel UHD Graphics Xe 750 (32EU)

CPU benchmarks

As expected, there is a healthy increase in 3D and 2D Rendering performance, with the Core i7-12700H scoring 16% higher in Cinebench 20 and being nearly a second quicker in Photoshop.

Results are from the Cinebench R23 CPU test (the higher the score, the better)

Results are from our Photoshop benchmark test (the lower the score, the better)


The Core i7-11800H was already really quick, but the i7-12700H takes it even further, with more raw computational power thanks to the high core count and high enough speeds. The new chip also seems to consume less power and run at lower temperatures as the stress tests of the Predator Triton 500 SE doesn’t put it above 91°C and 80W. Contrast that to the Legion 5 (17″) equipped with the Core i7-11800H, which spikes to 96°C and consumes up to 113W of power. All in all, the new architecture and CPU family are definitely worth checking out, at least until AMD puts out their Ryzen 6000 and 7000 CPUs.

All laptops with the Intel Core i7-12700H:

All laptops with the Intel Core i7-11800H:

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